Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my Blog, I’m a wife, Mom, dog lover, but not yet Grandma.

I’m also a depression Survivor after several years
United States

A happy gratitude moment

We had Family pictures taken in January of 2021, we had not had pictures taken for several years! We were both free!!!! So the conclusion to my story so far– After the mental hospital break down, and a few years in bed, with suicidal thoughts, and my daughter ending up in prison on a January […]

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My Birthday

I noticed it has been 2 years since my healing. I looked back at my journal and here are some of the things I wrote down at that time right when I was starting to force myself back out into the light. September 2019 Things I am now doing that I haven’t done in yrs […]

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My desire

Is to stay as close to Jesus as I can. This means reading His word in the Bible, praying, & meditating. This is a commitment I have made to myself, so that I can always stay above water and not ever relapse! I needed to go through that dark valley in order for me to […]

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my advice to the children

it was the best time, when they were little I miss those days too much can we just push rewind and do it again? what I hope I’ve taught them as their Mom just to love and be kind to everyone if you see that guy on the side of the road begging for money […]

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Our Eva Louise

My slideshow I made for my Eva. I will add my tributes to her at the bottom of this post. I know I have mentioned before how many signs she has left me. Pennies, feathers, her name, and especially in dreams. I know she is close and I feel her. I know we will be […]

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I have to stay close to Jesus

I know that if I do my dailies, read, pray, meditate, yoga,I will be ok! I’ll start off with my notes for the week- He doesn’t cause all things but He works all things! Open every right door, and close every wrong door. By your stripes I and we are healed, you are taking us […]

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Me saying goodbye to our house Jan 2020

So many horrid memories for me in that house, everytime I drive by now to go see our new house I don’t like the feelings I get when I drive by. I have LOVED living in Ft Hills, I’m so close to my work and I’m just so close to everything, being in town is […]

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The thoughts of mental illness

2013 to 2019 I got over medicated from different doctors and began tremblingI couldn’t walk and would fall down a lotOne time I fell down in the Doctors parking lot in Phoenix and had to ask a total stranger to help me get back up. It was horifying not being able to get back up, […]

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